Tuesday, January 18

You Are Exceptional

© Fresh Fish Creative

I designed this for an annual reception that gathers the best female attorneys, judges and businesswomen in Kansas City. Spear-headed each year by Denise Henning of The Henning Law Firm, it is also a fundraiser that benefits women-focused non-profits like The Women's Employment Network and The Women's Foundation of Greater Kansas City. For the invite, the background was actually a bright yellow, but seeing it again, I wanted to go with something more neutral.

This is another one of those projects where I get tons of creative freedom. Past invitation art included the entire event name: A Celebration of Exceptional Women. The invites have always been bright and used the city scape and stars to represent the power event. I have to walk a fine line when I design for attorneys: it has to be fun but still professional and businesslike. Something that appeals to women without being overtly feminine.

But with the event in its fourth year, I treated the card as an art piece. I wanted recipients to be able to hang on to these as a special reminder to themselves that yes, you are exceptional. Every single day of the year. Because sometimes we forget!

I may just print some 4x6 flat panel notecards to remind MY friends how great they are. Would you like to have some of these too? To give to the awesome people in your life? If so, leave me a comment and I'll make sure to order some extra!


Anonymous said...

this rocks! i would LOVE some! :)

Darcy said...

I'd love some. How can I make that happen?