Monday, February 28


My good friend Jeanne shared her treasure trove of vintage clothing with me recently and I got this sweet jumpsuit that my sister modeled for me. I can't wait to wear it but I know I'll be embarrassed at the same time. I'll share the rest of my goodies after I get everything washed and ironed. But this, this I couldn't resist sharing right now. Apologies to my sister for embarrassing her. Not really, I'm still laughing too hard.

I quit

Official notice to my boss.

I quit my job today! I've been here three years and it's the longest job I've ever held (besides my stint at my mom and dad's restaurant while I was finishing school), and now it's time to move on. I've learned a lot, made some really great friends, and will miss working with them every day. But I am excited for an unknown, uncertain future with new projects that will make me stretch more creatively and maybe a even start on a different career path. It's easy to fall into complacency, especially when I feel so comfortable that some days, I can do this job with my eyes closed. All I know is that change...progress, isn't going to happen if I stay. So I'm taking the plunge and going back out into the scary unknown again. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 25

anti-bullying flashmob

This video made me smile first thing in the morning. Especially the fact that it was a high school full of Asian kids. I always went to schools full of white kids so these things always seem wonderfully strange to me. My friend Rachel is kind of like me in that she grew up in Oklahoma surrounded by even fewer Asian people. Although I now call Kansas City home, I still miss where I grew up. In Portland, Oregon surrounded and often times smothered, by my family. Where seeing another face like mine is not an occasion to stop and stare. This mob was actually two high schools in Vancouver, Canada. by way of Poppytalk

Thursday, February 24

stars + stripes

Star elbow patches - too, too, cute. The line at Maison Scotch is all neutral goodness, worn-in navies, soft grays, creams, khakis, olives, the kind of clothes that look comfy and wearable, but definitely not boring. thank you greedy girl!

go your own way

by Amy Rice
by way of Helen Hearts

What an encouraging sentiment....and such a great way to make a map one-of-a-kind.

Tuesday, February 22

typography + antiques

When George and I go antiquing, we walk in the door together, but quickly go our separate ways. I am drawn to typography, linens and housewares. George goes straight for the comic books and toys. No surprises there! These are things that I found interesting but didn't buy. Sometimes, it's fun just to look, right? Especially when space is limited. At W.D. Pickers Antique Mall in Weston, I restrained myself, leaving only with a Mason jar full of metal type while my main man splurged on a convertible Face drove on the A-Team (still in its box).

A miniature bookshelf of office supplies housed in tiny little boxes disguised as books.
Cash Register Bank
The inside lid to a metal box.
Who doesn't need a big ol' can of pork brains?

kc on d*s

©Fresh Fish Creative

There were TWO Kansas City shout outs on design*sponge today. I love my city; it gets more amazing all the time and I think it's finally getting some recognition for all there is to see, do and best of all eat here.

First up was an updated city guide by Jessie Artigue for Kansas City. She definitely hit a lot of my favorite places in town. Check, check, check it out.

And then we got to peek into Tad and Jessica Carpenter's home. They have a new feature on d*s called What I Love About My Home. Even though I enjoy the home stuff, I think my favorite picture from Tad and Jessica's sneak peek is what he loved about his home. I am a fool for love and romance. See the rest here!

By the way, I'm nosy as hell and usually I only get a glimpse inside people's windows as I slowly walk past, trying to see as much as possible without being a total creep. If you see me walking by and staring intently, please don't be scared. Invite me in, won't you? :)

love trip

George picked up this Tootsie Toy car for $1.00 in an antique store in St. Jo.
We were actually in our Mini Cooper, same colors though!
We drove past the airport and I wished for a second that we were traveling somewhere farther
and more exotic. As much as I adore our day trips, I'd much rather be going far, far away.

Every year, rather than overpriced flowers, crowded dinners or pressuring ourselves to prove who loves who more through extravagant gifts on Valentine's Day, George and I go on a day trip. We drive out of the city, explore a small town nearby, go antiquing, and just spend the day with each other. This year we "celebrated" a week late and hopped on over to St. Joseph, Missouri by way of Rushville. The day was surprisingly warm for February (72°F but overcast and windy). George met a lot of interesting people, he's so chatty and everyone loves his Irish accent. They made small talk about impending thunderstorms, our Mini, where he was from, wine, etc, etc. Meanwhile, true to my Chinese upbringing, I kind of hung back, a bit more reserved and aloof, wondering why he had to talk to everyone underneath the big blue sky.

I'll be sharing bits of pieces of our trip in other posts but for now, just pictures of my handsome Georgie.

Top: At Justus Drugstore in Smithville // Left: At Happy Gillis in Columbus Park, Kansas City
Right: At W.D. Pickers Antique Mall in Weston, in front of an extremely tall corner cabinet

Yes, we are still this juvenile. :)

Monday, February 21

Elias & Grace

Cute but expensive baby clothes. I would love to spoil my chunky butt nephew with stylin' outfits like these, but I'll just plop his head onto the ones they've put together over at Elias & Grace instead. I love the expression on his face in this photo! by way of blomma finds

Irina Werning

This Back to the Future project is so freaking awesome. I love how much people change and stay the same. The attention to detail is insane. Read all about Irina's project and see more amazing past-present subjects here. All photos by Irina Werningby way of designworklife

Thursday, February 17

Creepy Doll Day

River Market Antique Mall's window displays are always wonderful. This collection of creepy dolls was on display over the winter holidays. All photos by Linh Trieu, ©Fresh Fish Creative

Brunch List Succotash
My friends have gotten into the habit of calling me when they're stuck for a place to go eat. Probably because they know some weeks I barely eat at home! But isn't it hard to remember all your favorites off the top of your head? It certainly is for me. To avoid any ums and ahs responses in the future, I'll be adding lists of my favorite places to my blog (look over to the right). My first roundup: favorite brunch eateries. George and I sometimes get into the questionable habit of exclusively returning to our favorites so this list will be a good reminder for us too!


We've had some really lovely fog the last couple of days. It made everything seem so otherworldy and magical. Fog hides and highlights the very things you see everyday but it makes you see it in a completely new way, don't you think? All photos taken by Linh Trieu, ©Fresh Fish Creative.

Tuesday, February 15

dark spaces

image from Roman & Willliams
by way of Poppytalk

I have always loved the look and feel of dark rooms. Makes everything so dramatic.
This space is especially nice with all that manly metal and rustic patina.

Save Your Sharpies!

photo by The Art of Doing Stuff

Karen, over at The Art of Doing Stuff is so, so funny. She always has these great blog posts about (you guessed it) how to do stuff. Like fixing a dried out Sharpie. Intriguing, isn't it? I can't wait to fix mine! Click here to get a full how-to. Remember how I said I needed to get rid of my stuff and try my hand at being a minimalist? After reading this post from Karen, I've decided that I can't force myself to be something/someone I'm not. Deep in my heart of hearts, I am a hoarding, collecting, clutter bug. And I accept and love myself exactly the way I am!

Sunday, February 13

Westport Cafe & Bar Revisited

George has been trying to get me to go back to Westport Cafe for a long time. But the meals I've experienced thus far (from their lunch and dinner menu), although fine, didn't excite me; they didn't make me think about the food longingly after I left or have me yearning to eat there again. A couple of weeks ago, I finally relented and said yes to brunch; I was really, really surprised by how much I liked the menu and by how much I enjoyed it. I loved it so much, I was planning my next visit before we left. And I don't think I'm the only one who was impressed. We sat next to this English guy and saw him there again! Westport Cafe has now made it on my personal list of favorite weekend brunch places in Kansas City.

On our first visit, complimentary buttery-soft scones arrived at the table shortly after our coffees. Ohmygoodness, heavenly. Unfortunately, we did not get them on our last visit. My waistline does not need any scone action, however, so it all worked out for the best. All their brunch items are $10-$12 and come served with a complimentary Bellini, Mimosa or Bloody Mary. For those who don't go by the adage that it's noon somewhere in the world, you can have coffee or soda. Check out their full brunch menu here. My favorites so far are the Chicken Hash and French Toast Brioche.

The service has always been attentive and I'd like to thank Aaron, the owner, for always being so nice to me. Even when I'm not on my best behavior.

Full disclosure: My husband is a wine rep and this is one of his accounts. This is not a paid review. (Read my previous, not glowing, review here).For those who know me, I am a very picky and vocal diner. I have no problem telling my server, the chef and all my friends if I'm disappointed in a restaurant/my meal/my service. But when I love something, I shout it from the rooftops.

Great job Westport Cafe, I can't wait to come see you guys again!

Eggs Norwegian - served with hashbrowns, but I swapped George for his tomatoes,
which I think adds some lovely color to the plate, $12
Top: Bar Hamburger with Sauteed Onion and Gruyere with Arugula Salad, $11
Bottom: Full English Breakfast (or is it Irish?), $12
Bloody Mary, supposed to be complimentary.
I got charged for this but my French Press Coffee was free.
Yes, I'm complaining but not too much.
Both were delicious!
I love their big, gold mirror in the back and I
tried to stay out of this picture, but it didn't work.
Love their bathroom doors too.

Friday, February 11

wine locker

Event Design and Planning by Kathy Best, Front Porch Farms
photo by Katherine Holly Photography

This was staged for a wedding, but what a great idea for wine/liquor storage in your home. This would be perfect in a wine shop or cafe too. Must get one immediately. But my tiny, tiny home just can't take anymore! by way of Style Me Pretty

the force

design by H-57 Creative Station
design by H-57 Creative Station
design by H-57 Creative Station

H-57's website says they are under negotiations to commercialize the posters. Fingers crossed that this is happening soon! by way of The Kitchen Collaborative, KRonicle and Lost at E Minor