Tuesday, February 22

kc on d*s

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There were TWO Kansas City shout outs on design*sponge today. I love my city; it gets more amazing all the time and I think it's finally getting some recognition for all there is to see, do and best of all eat here.

First up was an updated city guide by Jessie Artigue for Kansas City. She definitely hit a lot of my favorite places in town. Check, check, check it out.

And then we got to peek into Tad and Jessica Carpenter's home. They have a new feature on d*s called What I Love About My Home. Even though I enjoy the home stuff, I think my favorite picture from Tad and Jessica's sneak peek is what he loved about his home. I am a fool for love and romance. See the rest here!

By the way, I'm nosy as hell and usually I only get a glimpse inside people's windows as I slowly walk past, trying to see as much as possible without being a total creep. If you see me walking by and staring intently, please don't be scared. Invite me in, won't you? :)

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jessie said...

woohoo! thanks for the love!