Tuesday, January 26

The Last Chinese Chef

Although I really enjoyed this book by Nicole Mones, it didn't get a very good review from the NY Times . I'm not hoity-toity about my book choices, I am not ashamed to say I love it! It was a quick, easy and fun read, the food descriptions make your mouth water for authentic Chinese food AND the "American" style kind. I'm passing it around, let me know if you'd like to borrow it.

Thursday, January 14

Street Fashion

Doug Fir

Retro Modern is a very prominent Portland style combination. Below: at the Doug Fir, neighbors to the Jupiter Hotel on Burnside.

A perfect shadow cast by the scrappy little tree on the street.

Another entrance-equally awesome.
Moody lighting, a log cabin interior and retro customers complete the look.
Lady Gaga at Jupiter Hotel....hahaha, on second glance, it's just a mannequin.

New Old Boots!

Cowboy boots I picked up from Vintage Pink on Hawthorne Street in Portland, Oregon. They're a half size too big, but I'm going to buy some inserts and make them work because they were only $56. You can't beat that, even on Etsy. And hey, no tax and no shipping! The color on my photos are a tad inconsistent, but they look most like the top one.

The pictures of the boots are mine, but the building pic was taken from Yelp.com.
It was raining like crazy yesterday and I didn't want my poor camera to get wet.

Tuesday, January 12

Crab Three Ways

My uncle, like my dad, has been a cook at many Chinese restaurants over the years. And since crab was on special while we're visiting, we were treated to crab cooked three ways. Below: The guts of the crab, which I don't like, but it looked so good that I really wanted to like it; crab sautéed with onion and garlic; curry crab, so tasty but crazy messy to eat.

Natural Escape

Portland's Forest Park is the largest urban park in the United States, covering over 5,000 acres that include 70 miles of trails for hiking, walking and biking. Even in the middle of winter, the park was full of greenery, mostly from the moss-covered trees and ferns. After an hour's hike up the trail, we only saw a tiny fraction of the park. It was full of people of all ages, young and old, runners, people walking their dogs, families with small children. We were on MacLeay Trail which had a beautiful stream, native plants throughout and one brown squirrel.

Friday, January 8

Mmmm, Coffee...with Liquor. Perfect.

We may be giving up the sauce in 2010, but man does this Dulce de Leche Coffee look delicious. With the crazy snow and below freezing temperatures knocking us flat on our backs, this combination of coffee, chocolate, cream, Kahlua and dulce de leche is just the thing to warm you right back up. Thanks Pioneer Woman. See the "how to" here .

Wednesday, January 6

Pop Top!

Is this cute or what? Find out how to make it here. via Design*Sponge

Saturday, January 2

Pendant Drops

I can make these! Or I can get them from here on Etsy. Nah, I think I'll give it a go myself. via Creature Comforts

Love All Mixed Up

Very sweet video. I'm in an interracial marriage (although it rarely ever feels like it) and mixed-race relationships always intrigue me. In this movie short, her mom asks if he's tall enough. My family asks me if my husband "gives" me money. I know they wonder if I'm being taken care of, but jeez, are they old school. via Helen Hearts

George & me at the Kansas City St. Patrick's Day Parade in 2009.