Friday, October 29

Happy Halloween!

At work, we tackled Rainbow Brite as our group costume this year. We only got an honorable mention, but it was still loads of fun. This is the poster I made for everyone who dressed up. Click on the image to see it bigger. Trick or Treat!

Tuesday, October 26

Bed Swing

If I ever get around to saving enough money to fix my side deck, I'm going to make sure part of it is enclosed so I can hang a bed outside. Kansas City is unbearable in the height of summer and winter, but there are stretches of beautiful today....when sleeping outdoors would be just perfect. Instead of heading into the house and watching television, I can climb straight into this bed, drink some wine and watch the squirrels lob walnuts down into the backyard. And the cool tile floor? The dogs would be in heaven. by way of...

Black & Moody

I love this dark, rustic color palette. Maybe a closet instead? by way of...

Korean Dramas

I accidentally stumbled upon a subtitled Korean drama on Hulu a few weeks ago. And you know what I've been doing ever since? Watching Korean dramas. Sick obsession? Slightly. But I'm back. Kinda sorta. We'll see if I'm in need of some intervention and rehab soon.