Thursday, May 27


I need a new pair of glasses, some that I don't fall asleep wearing and ruin. I love the look of these hand-crafted, custom frames from Moonwoods and I want to look as cute as her wearing them.

Wednesday, May 26

Spring blooms

Before the insane heat of summer begins, I just wanted to share some spring blooms growing in my garden and all around the city. Ever since I really started gardening three years ago, spring has become my absolute favorite season. All the insane colors, the perfect days with bright sunshine and the new growth everywhere I turn. It just fills you with inspiration and hope!

I went nuts for peonies a few years ago and made sure they became a part of my garden. Aside from the ants, I love, love, love them.I have two completely different kinds and I've been clipping them all month and showering my friends with fresh blooms.
These Japanese Irises are impossible to kill. Trust me, I've tried. Luckily, my efforts failed miserably and now they flank my adirondack chairs. In the background are cans of wheat grass. Photo by Lynn Klein.
Azalea at Sloane's.
Ivy wall leading up to the rooftop deck at Thomas on 39th Street  (soon closing, I hear).

Wednesday, May 19

Food & Fashion

With digital cameras, I often hear people say photography is "easy" or that they can take a picture that is "just as good." When true artistic conceptualization, skill and talent come together to create images like these food and fashion shots by Fluvio Bonavia , you see that photography is much, much more than just pushing a button. I especially love that prosciutto ring...although it wouldn't last long on my jewelry. via lushlee 

Tuesday, May 18

Industrial Spools

At Rhythm & Booze on Southwest Boulevard.

I love how these industrial spools have been stained and up-cycled into cost-effective, environmentally friendly  bar tables.

This pink azalea looks so pretty against the blue-grey brick walls.

Map It

A co-worker sent out a request for a simple map for her mom to follow so she wouldn't get lost. She just needed the major streets and landmarks. I think a big, simple map is a great idea for an elderly parent, don't you?


I took this picture while I was driving. Not very safe, I know, but the sun shining through the clouds was so dramatic and awesome, I couldn't help myself.

Friday, May 14

Baby Love

My friend, Jeanne, is an avid toy collector. After seeing all of her treasures and sometimes receiving some of them, she is always on my mind when I see a creepy baby doll or nostalgic toy from my youth. I stumbled upon this fascinating box of dolls at a garage sale which contained about a dozen plastic mermaid dolls and three naked newborns. At $0.75 a piece, who was I to say no? I took them all and the "babies" have been distributed. As for my mermaids, they're being saved for a special project. Catch of the day, perhaps?

In a window by my front door.
Adopted. Baby Bob living the good life at a friend's.
Box of mermaids. The guy I bought them from said
he purchased them separately from the same thrift store.
They just kept appearing and he kept buying.

Thursday, May 13


I enjoy my television waaaay too much, I would never ever kill it, ever. But this poster DOES inspire me. via Amanda Johnson and Black Eiffel.

Stripes & Hearts

Stripes are all over the place and getting a bit too trendy, but I can't blame people for trying to be sophisticated and "French," can I?  I think Urban Outfitters did a great job on this trend with the skinny stripes and adorable black heart on the pocket. But I'm wondering how this looks on the the ahem, big-breasted. via Oh Joy! 

Monday, May 3

Leather & Lace

I bet this leather and lace styling really ratcheted up the sale of these gorgeous-by-themselves vintage boots. via Amanda Johnson