Wednesday, October 28

Another Day Another Blog to Love

The beauty of blogs is that they're always leading you down the road to other blogs. Badder Homes & Gardens takes a humorous look at all the new home products that most blogs lust over. Regretsy focuses on crap crafts sold on vintage and handmade favorite Etsy. And the Glamourai is all about inspiring fashion. Take a moment and check these out.

{+} Badder Homes and Gardens: The Bad Girls Guide to Good Housekeeping. via Roni @ The Loaded Trunk

{+} Regretsy: Handmade? It looks like you made it with your feet. via Grace's Birdcage

Tuesday, October 27

Julian in Brookside

George and I had dinner at Julian last night and the food was amazing. We ordered an assortment of appetizers, dessert and one entrée so we could get a taste of everything. I was starving last night and didn't have the patience to photograph anything. But trust me, every last morsel was eaten and enjoyed. My favorite? The onion rings. Yes, the onion rings.

I've read a couple of other reviews and comments about Julian and there are some very loyal Joe D patrons who are not chuffed about the new entrance. Since I had only been there once before, I have no such loyalties. But guess what, I still found a thing or two to critique.

Entrance » I agree. It's weird. It looks like a side door. And you walk right into a two top. I request never to be seated at that table.

Environment » Love the soothing, subtle palette of blues, grays and whites, but they got chintzy on the details. Cheap plastic switch plates, random electrical outlets in the middle of the wine rack (probably made sense when it was Joe D's), clip-frame photography that wasn't properly mounted (the photos are already bubbling), and in the bathroom, a basket of hand towels plopped unceremoniously on a dining chair instead of splurging on a proper crendenza or table of some sort.

The bar was a mess. Wine boxes stacked in the box on the floor, dish racks crammed in front of the computer. It's a terribly small bar, and that's why it's even more important to be organized. 

Food Presentation » What's up with the picnic table patterned paper? Uuugh-ly.

Food » Absolutely gorgeous. We had dessert first, a grilled slice of pound cake with caramel apples and sea salt. Then moved on to sweetbreads and a cup of yesterday's soup (which I think was a creamy fennel). And finally, mussels, onion rings and a crispy pork shoulder with sweet potatoes and marshmallows for dinner. There were so many interesting flavors. 

Service » Paul, our bartender, came with chef/proprietor Celine Tio from The American. His neon yellow head band and the sloppy server uniform of an untucked brown Julian t-shirt and jeans intially threw me off. I have been known to prejudge someone a time or two and hold it against them, but I'm happy to say Paul was excellent! He made great recommendations, took care of us without hovering and was constantly on the move, WORKING. Nothing impresses me more than a multi-tasker.

I'll definitely be back, but I hope they work out the aesthetic details and the noise issue. And I hope they get rid of that awful red and white checked paper. Stat.

6227 Brookside Plaza
Kansas City, MO 64113

Monday, October 26

Coffee Table

Okay, I need that coffee table and rug. And lose the dog, please. {Apartment Therapy}

Mood Lighting

Love the simplicity and resourcefulness of this wall piece. Wouldn't it look beautiful all lit up in the evening? {Apartment Therapy}

Elizabeth Cook

When my friends were getting their family pictures done, they didn't want the traditional studio shot. Instead they chose the West Bottoms (in Kansas City) as their locale. I especially love the top photo, their backs turned to us as they walk down the tracks. It makes me think, wherever they are headed, they have each other and the whole world is full of possibilities ahead of them. Photography by the talented Elizabeth Cook. To see more of her work, click here.

Friday, October 23

Say Cheese

Cute, cute, cute. Cork camera "card" with message on a real Polaroid. Ruthi Auda via Lushlee


I am not a smoker, nor do I find smoking particularly sexy, but I love this photo of my cousin. Photography by Thuy Vominh. If you're in the Portland area, contact her at

Thursday, October 22

Pom Poms

I think I have to steal this look for our next supper club! Click on image for a better view. photos by Our Labor of Love via Black Eiffel

Wednesday, October 21

Food Play

Love the clever use of ingredients to create food flags that tie in with each country's cuisine. See more flags here. via Lushlee

Best Tea Bag Ever

I am experiencing mild OCD over paper cranes right now. See this fun concept here. via Lovely Package.

Typography All Jazzed Up

Gorgeous imagery and typography for a jazz poster series. via designworklife

Tuesday, October 20

Asian Invasion Supper Club

George and I hosted this month's Supper Club and we did an Asian theme. Each couple picked a different country to cook from and we had two special guests. The food and wine was amazing as always, but Supper Club has come to mean more to me than just trying new recipes. It's about the friendships that have grown with each meal we share together.

Lynn suggested cooking for a needy family when their month comes up again (December). And in that spirit, all our future Supper Clubs will include more giving. Each couple has agreed to donate x-amount of money to a non-profit or needy family with the host couple choosing where the money goes.

And without further ado, here are pictures from our latest supper.
My mom's Buddha.
Matt & Sloane - 10 years!
Don't you love how bright and colorful all the dresses are?
And yes, the men cook too.
My sister Trinh (red Chinese dress, far right)
and my friend Rebecca (Laotian dress, center)
were our special guests!
Playing with the oddball collection of dolls
that have wandered into our home.
October Supper Club Menu
Chicken & Shrimp Pho - Vietnam
Chicken Lettuce Wraps - Thailand
Korma Mixed Vegetable - India
Saag Paneer - India
Sticky Rice & Papaya Salad - Laos
Barbecue Short Ribs - Korea
Sake - Japan

Thanks Matt, Sloane, Tim, Lynn, Craig, Jeanne, Trinh & Rebecca!
It was fabulous as always.

Flower Power

I'm inspired by this flower font from Click on the black and white image for a closer view.

Monday, October 19

Strange Get Up

I got myself into this wacko get up for a kickball game with co-workers. What in the world was I thinking??? It was fun but the evidence of my bad taste is horrifying. 


I usually pack several containers for lunch because I like to a lot of different flavors when I eat and that means lots of fresh toppings, sauces and sides. I am in search of the perfect Bento box. One that is microwave safe(!), air tight and super cute. I loooove the panda Bento, especially its rubberband/headband with eyebrows. But I have a feeling the straightforward no nonsense Bento at the top is the one that will actually do the job.

{+} Vivo Square Bento Box » $35.00

Sunday, October 18


Introducing Garry, my Scottish Highlander Bestie. Garry is sporting a unibrow, lots of luscious wavy, felt hair and a rather rotund body. He's dressed in a navy blue kilt and his clan colors. Named for George's best friend, who is, you guessed it. Scottish. Made with felt, thread fabric, buttons, and a safety pin.

I'm back in Bestie mode so I will have lots of fun dolls for our annual Art Mart at work. If you see one you like, send me an email. You know I love a pre-sale. See more of my Besties here.


I now own muffin tins in three shapes and sizes. And I think I can count the number of times I've baked on one hand. Okay, maybe two fingers. But seeing these gorgeous liners from Bake It Pretty make me want to preheat that cranky oven of mine and make a million delicious cupcakes. They sell out pretty quick from what I can see, so if designer baking liners are must have in your kitchen, I wouldn't wait to check them out. They've also have tons of other fun decorations and packaging.

{+} Pryde's Old Westport Kitchen & HomePryde's is a Kansas City institution. You can essentially find anything you could ever dream of needing or wanting in your kitchen. There's even a pie shop inside with delectable pies made from scratch. 115 Westport Road • Kansas City, Missouri 64111 • 1.800.531.5588

{+} Baker's RackThis little baking supply shop is full of all the fun things Bake It Pretty has in their on-line store. Georgia, the proprietor, also teaches cake decorating classes. 13416 Santa Fe Trail Drive • Lenexa, Kanas 66215 • 913.492.9777

Saturday, October 17

J'adore Fifi Lapin

My favorite bunny fashionista is now available at Forever 21. How awesome is that??? I'll be sporting the dark gray one soon!
Images from Fifi Lapin

Thursday, October 15


I doubt I could ever rock this look, but these photos are amaaaazing - the make up, the styling, the amped up reality fantasy.

Tuesday, October 6

Light Up Your Art

Must Try

Garlic-bacon-basil cream cheese, a PL Bagel creation. Click here to find out where and read the great fan comments. Must try the next time we host brunch! Reading this on a morning when breakfast was not had - can you read over my growling stomach? via Happy Lady Eats

Monday, October 5


I love those spooky eyes. Click here to find out how from Sweet Paul.

Friday, October 2

Rejection... always tough. Especially when it's in regards to my work. A few years ago, I published a Kansas City bar guide called Drink. It was sized to fit neatly into your back pocket or purse. And it was meant to be used and disposed of quarterly. That didn't mean that my heart didn't feel like it was being stabbed every time I saw one on the floor of a bar. And so it goes with everything I do. Recently, I designed a t-shirt for work that got REJECTED. And I'm still a little bitter. But to soothe the pain a bit, I'll share it with you guys here. Maybe they'll make nice holiday cards instead. Who wants one? Which one do you like better?

Soft & Patterned
Bold & Stripy

Thursday, October 1

PJ Love

I "won" a pair of extra large footed pajamas adorned with Christmas bears two years ago in a white elephant gift exchange. I wear them all winter, to brunch, and most recently as my sleeping bag while I camped out at a barbecue competition. Although I really do love it, I'm not crazy about the print. I found some on-line and maybe it's time for an upgrade. I doubt George will want a matching pair, but wouldn't we be cute in them? What do you think of footed jammies?