Tuesday, April 28

The 3/50 Project

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I have been a long-time supporter of local, independent restaurants, but I don't think about retail the same way. The 3/50 Project made me take a second look about how I spend my money and most importantly where. For those of us on a budget, it doesn't have to be $50, start with $10 or $20 and you'd be surprised at how quickly things add up.

I haven't seen this movement started in Kansas City yet, but let's get the word out. Restaurants, retailers and companies that support this cause can register on the site. Individual supporters can help spread the word through their own blogs and social networking sites. For more information and resources, visit The 3/50 Project website. {via housemartin}

My top three retailers mix the old with the new...
{+}  Donna's Dress Shop on 39th Street - new and vintage clothing, very girly and fun.
{+}  Good Juju in the West Bottoms - my favorite new place to shop, only open the first weekend of the every month.
{+}  Pryde's in Wesport - all the kitchen stuff you could ever dream of

My goal for May: spend local. I'm confident I can make this happen. What are your favorite, local places to shop? Let's meet back at the end of the month and see how we all did. Ready, set, go!

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tiff said...

i was reading something talking about buying wine and beer locally too- it cuts down on the "carbon footprint" as well since you don't have to ship it as far. although right now i can't even start to think about buying anything alcoholic... :)