Monday, April 27

Try and Break Me

Unbreakable wine glasses? I know quite a few drunkies who will find this very, very useful, myself included. Reidel snobs can stop reading....NOW.

Govino originally designed this sleek, plastic glass for people who hawk wine, but oh, how handy they are for the rest of us. This shatterproof bad boy is recyclable, reusable and can be taken anywhere. They do need to be hand washed though. Oh well, life's not perfect.

At $11.95 for 4 glasses, the "go anywhere wine glass" is affordable and a must have for wine lovers who love their glassware. Restaurateurs, take note, never hear another glass breaking again, especially on a windy day on the patio.

I think I'll start with buying 12 for myself and a couple of four packs for my gift closet. If you're nice, you may get one soon!

Via blomma finds


tiff said...

i'm nice! :) i can now blame my broken wine glasses on my toddler!

Luanne Field said...

Usually, I HATE to drink wine from plastic, but I'm game to try. Would definately be nice for outside!