Wednesday, November 24


I don't know if it's the cold weather, but I am back in crafting mode. How About Orange has the best tutorials and step-by-step instructions and loads of links to other DIY projects. It's time to get busy and start using all the materials I've been hoarding!

My first project...this super cute pencil cup.  

Friday, October 29

Happy Halloween!

At work, we tackled Rainbow Brite as our group costume this year. We only got an honorable mention, but it was still loads of fun. This is the poster I made for everyone who dressed up. Click on the image to see it bigger. Trick or Treat!

Tuesday, October 26

Bed Swing

If I ever get around to saving enough money to fix my side deck, I'm going to make sure part of it is enclosed so I can hang a bed outside. Kansas City is unbearable in the height of summer and winter, but there are stretches of beautiful today....when sleeping outdoors would be just perfect. Instead of heading into the house and watching television, I can climb straight into this bed, drink some wine and watch the squirrels lob walnuts down into the backyard. And the cool tile floor? The dogs would be in heaven. by way of...

Black & Moody

I love this dark, rustic color palette. Maybe a closet instead? by way of...

Korean Dramas

I accidentally stumbled upon a subtitled Korean drama on Hulu a few weeks ago. And you know what I've been doing ever since? Watching Korean dramas. Sick obsession? Slightly. But I'm back. Kinda sorta. We'll see if I'm in need of some intervention and rehab soon.

Friday, September 10

Ella Peru

Loving the styling and sweet bows of Ella Peru's fall collection. click on image for a larger view. by way of... 

Don & Joan

Stanley Chow is pretty effing amazing. by way of... 

Tuesday, September 7


The annual art show at work has come 'round again and this year's theme is CRAFT. I love how open that idea is because oftentimes I hear people say they're not really artists. Or that they aren't creative. But that's what I love about art. It can be anything and the important thing is to make something!

For our marketing materials, we are designing by committee. Using the same font and size for consistency, each person is responsible for a 3-dimensional letter making up the word craft. I kept thinking about dioramas during our meetings, and volunteered to make "The Art Show" a diorama, of course.

Thanks to my handy friend Tim and all the fun stuff he and Lynn had at their house, I didn't have to spend a penny. Materials included a wine box, wine corks, old clothespins and bottle caps, matchbooks, a potpourri bouquet, random tschotskes and loads of Gorilla Glue. I wanted a very organic, natural feel to the the piece so I didn't paint anything or hide rough craftsmanship like glue spots or nails.

Tim, Lynn and I spent ALL day working on this project. It was a great collaboration and I could not have done it alone. Thank you guys, you are the bestest!

Thursday, August 26

Dining Room Envy

I would love my dining room to be this functional and filled with light. Then maybe I wouldn't just use the table as a landing spot for all my junk??? Maybe. We'll see about that. by way of...

Wednesday, August 25


My friend Beth took the most amazing hummingbird pictures this morning. I'm so glad she shared these with me. I heart birdies so much.
Doesn't life have a way of bombarding you sometimes? When it's all you can do to keep up with the smallest daily tasks that have a way of piling up and consuming you? That's how I feel right now. Run, run, run to catch up, take a quick breath and start running again. But trust me, this is no hamster wheel. Aside from dishes and laundry, I am lucky to have a life full of inspired projects, events and friendships that keep me on my toes.

For now my mostly daily blogging has dropped off to maybe weekly. And I have to keep reminding myself that it's okay. Because all you can do is live your life the best way you know how and the world takes care of itself.

Above: Muslin-wrapped newspaper embroidered. by way of...

Wednesday, August 18

Agh, I am so jealous of Geninne's house and her husband skills hook-up. I absolutely am freaking out over her succulent window. Jealous, jealous, jealous. And inspired.

Tuesday, August 10

Monthly Calendars

One of the non-apparel related projects I enjoy designing at work is our monthly department calendar. Here are couple I've done recently. Usually it's filled with people's birthdays or special things going on in the office. As you can see, I love bright colors!

Monday, August 9

Pretty in Pink

I love my kitchen, but this one makes me want to aspire to a more feminine and clean look. Two things in my way? My not-so-feminine husband and my tendency towards "collecting" and hoarding.  by way of....

Weston Wellie Race

George and I have participated in the Weston Wellie Race every single year since it began. We round up a small group of friends into coming along and it has always been so much fun. This year, George met and brainstormed with Teri of The Celtic Ranch about how to make the event better. Teri is the event founder and its annual presenting sponsor.

Some changes include a later start time (yay!), adding a 5K fun run and an optional race package that will include a ticket to Weston Irish Fest and an authentic Irish breakfast.

I got to design the event logo and shirts! After being involved with several non-profits and/or non-profit fundraisers over the years, I've realized that no one ever has a budget. For artists who are looking for a way to give back and for students who want to beef up their portfolios, designing an event logo and marketing materials is a great way to get your work out there. For me, event design for non-profit organizations is usually a fun, no-restrictions project where I get to stretch creatively.

For more information, click here. You can also become a facebook fan and keep up with the news as they nail down details.

I preferred the softer colors, but as the main graphic, event organizers chose a bolder color combination.
Art mocked up on a tshirt. I hope they get some nice ones for the girls.

Thursday, August 5

Colorful Lettering

 •    •  •  
I am seeing a lot of colorful lettering lately which I love for their playfulness and sweet-funny messages.I think I'm going to have to work that into one of my designs soon!

by way of... here, here and here

Tuesday, August 3

Dress Mail

You know that awesome feeling you get when something comes in the mail that is unexpected? And not junk mail or another bill? Wouldn't it be amazing to get this package in the mail?
And they have the cutest copy....
their mailing salutation....This dress belongs to:
their tag line....Take time to slow down & dress up.
a recent sign off on a blog post....Wear something daring.

Click here to visit their blog and here to see their awesome dresses which I have oohed and aahed over before .

Tuesday, July 20

Wall Pocket

It's taken a loooooong time to train myself to put my keys in one place, but most mornings I am still doing the spinning-in-circles routine looking for my phone, purse, keys, brain. I have plaster walls and an extremely heavy purse so the wall pocket probably won't work for me, but having all my things in one place? Very appealing. by way of...

Monday, July 19


I am participating in a craft show fundraiser in August, my first ever. If you're in the area, come by and check out my Besties, for sale for the first time ever. I shot this little dude on my front porch this morning. The humidity immediately fogged up my camera lens, but I love how the image turned out.

Big Sky

The beautiful, limitless palettes in the sky always takes my breath away.

Thursday, July 15

Wooden Spoons

I am a firm believer that every kitchen needs a wooden spoon or three. Nic Webb's wooden spoons are almost too gorgeous to use. by way of...

Saturday, July 10

Vintage Vessels

This is my newest project! After a years of chairing fundraising events and throwing parties, inexpensive containers for "grouping" centerpieces were always at the top our must-have list. We've been pretty creative with our budgets by saving food cans, re-using wine bottles and throwing together everything we own to make things look good. But not everyone has the time or inclination to thrift, go to endless estate and garage sales, or rescue things from the trash. That's where Vintage Vessels comes in. We're doing all the dirty work and will be loaning our unique vintage and reclaimed vessels for do-it-yourself brides, bridal & baby showers, dinner parties, afternoon teas and special picnics.

We've been going crazy collecting a wide arrangement of vessels for every possible theme we could think of: milk glass, glass, mason jars, baskets, silver, mirrors, serving pieces, old tins and colored glass. We'll have a website up soon and of course we're starting a blog.

While visiting Oh Joy! today, I saw this photo by Christian Chaize, all the lovely colors made me think of the Vintage Vessels logo, and what a great color story it could be for our soon-to-be website. We're excited!

Friday, July 9

Ryan Rhodes

Unbelievably freaking cool. My type hero for the day.
See if you can figure out how to enter his site.


Ideeli want this Junior Drake leather tote. For those of you who aren't familiar with members-only shopping sites like Ideeli, Rue La La, or Shoe Dazzle, they're a great way to get the newest, best, etc., things at a steal. This bag retails for $505 but at Ideeli, is available for $165. It's still not how much I usually spend on a bag, but closer. Much, much closer.

Tuesday, July 6

Stache Clash 2010

At my day job, we're holding a month-long mustache-growing fundraiser. Sixteen of us have signed up to "grow" facial hair and we are taking pictures each week to document the growth and styling. Our co-workers are voting on the best 'stache by throwing pennies in donation buckets. Silver coins and dollars count as negative points. It's only been a week, but we've all been having a blast with our facial hair. And it was a great team builder as we are all getting to know each other better, one follicle at a time.

We're raising funds for a non-profit called Puppies Behind Bars. Puppies are trained by prison inmates to be service dogs for disabled veterans (and as bomb-detection dogs). Click here to read more about this awesome organization and how they help our veterans adjust to civilian life. Be sure to check out their media page, they have had tons of great press and if you're flying Southwest Airlines this summer, Puppies Behind Bars is featured in their in-flight magazine. You can also read the story, "How Mya Saved Jacob" here

Our company has a five-month, $15,000 fundraising goal, that's enough for five new puppies which we get to name! We've already sent in our first check for over $3,000 and have a lot of other fun company-wide fundraising ideas in the works. If you would like to support this great organization, you can give me your pennies or send a check to the directly to Puppies Behind Bars (which is probably easier). I'll keep you updated on my stache progress each week.

A t-shirt I designed for the cause. We were going to reprint over "mistake" shirts, but there were some production issues so they got nixed.