Tuesday, July 6

Stache Clash 2010

At my day job, we're holding a month-long mustache-growing fundraiser. Sixteen of us have signed up to "grow" facial hair and we are taking pictures each week to document the growth and styling. Our co-workers are voting on the best 'stache by throwing pennies in donation buckets. Silver coins and dollars count as negative points. It's only been a week, but we've all been having a blast with our facial hair. And it was a great team builder as we are all getting to know each other better, one follicle at a time.

We're raising funds for a non-profit called Puppies Behind Bars. Puppies are trained by prison inmates to be service dogs for disabled veterans (and as bomb-detection dogs). Click here to read more about this awesome organization and how they help our veterans adjust to civilian life. Be sure to check out their media page, they have had tons of great press and if you're flying Southwest Airlines this summer, Puppies Behind Bars is featured in their in-flight magazine. You can also read the story, "How Mya Saved Jacob" here

Our company has a five-month, $15,000 fundraising goal, that's enough for five new puppies which we get to name! We've already sent in our first check for over $3,000 and have a lot of other fun company-wide fundraising ideas in the works. If you would like to support this great organization, you can give me your pennies or send a check to the directly to Puppies Behind Bars (which is probably easier). I'll keep you updated on my stache progress each week.

A t-shirt I designed for the cause. We were going to reprint over "mistake" shirts, but there were some production issues so they got nixed. 

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