Thursday, April 30

Rainy Day Boots

The rain is really coming down today. And when it rains, I think, wellies! Then I think Hunters! I so love these, have been pining away for them for awhile and I think I just need to bite the bullet, save my pennies and get them this year. I posted this on my old blog, Going S.L.O.W., and am revisiting my obsession with Hunter boots once again. They are better priced this year though, so I may be wearing them very soon, can't wait!

{+} Hunter Balmoral Neoprene, top - £90 (roughly $135)
{+} Hunter Balmoral Classic, bottom - £70 ($105)

Note to Mike at Hunter Boot UK - If you find me, I would love to be a part of "Hunter on the Web." 

Making Time

Check out this fun little project. Art, clock mechanism and an Altoids tin. Get instructions on how to make it here. Design Sponge is one of my favorite blogs. They always have such creative projects and "sneak peeks" into other people's homes. Crafting and voyeurism? Perfection.

Tuesday, April 28

The 3/50 Project

Click on image for larger view.

I have been a long-time supporter of local, independent restaurants, but I don't think about retail the same way. The 3/50 Project made me take a second look about how I spend my money and most importantly where. For those of us on a budget, it doesn't have to be $50, start with $10 or $20 and you'd be surprised at how quickly things add up.

I haven't seen this movement started in Kansas City yet, but let's get the word out. Restaurants, retailers and companies that support this cause can register on the site. Individual supporters can help spread the word through their own blogs and social networking sites. For more information and resources, visit The 3/50 Project website. {via housemartin}

My top three retailers mix the old with the new...
{+}  Donna's Dress Shop on 39th Street - new and vintage clothing, very girly and fun.
{+}  Good Juju in the West Bottoms - my favorite new place to shop, only open the first weekend of the every month.
{+}  Pryde's in Wesport - all the kitchen stuff you could ever dream of

My goal for May: spend local. I'm confident I can make this happen. What are your favorite, local places to shop? Let's meet back at the end of the month and see how we all did. Ready, set, go!

Monday, April 27

Try and Break Me

Unbreakable wine glasses? I know quite a few drunkies who will find this very, very useful, myself included. Reidel snobs can stop reading....NOW.

Govino originally designed this sleek, plastic glass for people who hawk wine, but oh, how handy they are for the rest of us. This shatterproof bad boy is recyclable, reusable and can be taken anywhere. They do need to be hand washed though. Oh well, life's not perfect.

At $11.95 for 4 glasses, the "go anywhere wine glass" is affordable and a must have for wine lovers who love their glassware. Restaurateurs, take note, never hear another glass breaking again, especially on a windy day on the patio.

I think I'll start with buying 12 for myself and a couple of four packs for my gift closet. If you're nice, you may get one soon!

Via blomma finds

Sunday, April 26

Keep or Return

I just bought a new tunic shirt/dress from Anthropologie this weekend. I love it but am agonizing on whether I should keep it. Love the plaid, love the color and especially love the fit. It can be a short, breezy summer mini and it would be super cute over jeans or leggings. If I return it, I could potentially get two or three dresses instead of one. So what's the verdict, keep or return?

Hello, Let's Do Brunch

Cafe Europa Desserts
{Chocolate Strawberry Cupcake, Apple Pie, Honey Pie}
photo by Fresh Fish Creative

Welcome to my first post for Bristow Fresh. Since it's Sunday, I want to share my favorite indulgence at the end of the week - brunch! Today, we were off to Cafe Europa in Crestwood. I love this place, but the pastry display at the front is unforgiving. I get hypnotized by those gorgeous desserts, nose pressed to the glass, drool spilling copiously from my mouth. These sweet treats are small when you expect them to be big (pies) and big when they are usually smaller (cupcakes). I started with a chocolate cupcake topped with strawberry frosting that had the taste and texture of neapolitan ice cream. And finished by ordering two more cupcakes (same kind), a honey almond cookie, a honey pie, a mini apple pie, and a soft, moist slice of apple bread to take home. In between, it was a hearty steak and eggs, hold the Bloody Mary. Happiness sandwiched within happiness. Yum.

My Top Five Favorite Brunch Spots....
{+} re:Verse - Fantastic brunch choices and the perfect seat for people watching.
{+} Café Europa - See above.
{+} Happy Gillis - With only five tables, it's small and quaint but the friendly reception and attention to detail is what makes me love this place. {Below} their Bloody Mary presentation: Garnished with a plastic mermaid, roasted red pepper, olives, lime and a Slim Jim. Vodka on the side. photo by Fresh Fish Creative

{+} Benton's - Two words. Champagne Brunch.
{+} Corner Cafe - The giant cinnamon rolls are ooey-gooey goodness that I need to revisit soon.

So what are your favorite places for brunch?