Wednesday, January 26

moment of sadness

© Fresh Fish Creative

Even the low points in your life can be inspiration. This is something I wrote in my personal journal and it feels a smidge weird to share, but I comforted myself with these words. So much so that I made it into a poster. I know that I am not alone in feeling heartbreak. So I am sharing, or is it oversharing, with all of you. Should you ever feel like your heart is breaking into a million microscopic pieces, I hope this gives you courage to move on, determination to fight harder, and strength to do whatever it takes to bring you back on the path of happiness.


Dr. Smokeballs said...

See, now this is why you got to keep blogging. This is damn fine stuff. Uplifting and all that. I like it alot~

Blair + Rachel said...

Can I get a print of that?

Fresh Fish Creative said...

once in while, amongst the crap, a gem emerges. thanks for the support matt! and rach, I'll send you an 11x17 laser print because that's what I meant by poster. hahaha.