Thursday, January 20

vintage dresses

Just some dresses that have come into my possession that I love but can't wear....yet. Maybe one day!

Albert Capraro Green Floral Dress
This picture does not really do it any justice, it's so flowy and gorgeous.
Sits perfectly at the waist (well, not my waist), is belted and loose on top.
It's my goal dress, to get off my butt and fit into it, maybe this year!
Gifted to me by Miss Jeanne.
Vintage Harzfeld's White Embroidered Gown
The fabric on this dress is actually quite heavy and textured.
I love the spring colors of the embroidery. $10
Vintage JC Penney Dusty Rose Dress
Pleated front with buttons and matching belt. I need to have
it hemmed up a few inches so it's not so dowdy and then
ready to wear! I would do it myself, but the slippery fabric
makes me kind of nervous. Estate sale find, $3.

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