Tuesday, January 11

one helluva man cave

The Wellesbourne » Los Angeles, CA

Actually, this is a literary bar and I am seriously digging all that masculinity. A few years ago, I did a quick make-over for the husband's office. Which meant I slapped some paint on the walls while my dad "helped" me lay some godawful linoleum and stained the stairs a reddish brown. Over the years we've thrown a bed up there, some mismatched furniture and to top it all off, he has managed to amass quite a ridiculous collection of 1980s toys and little cars. Let's just say I go up to the stuck-in-his-youth man-attic only when necessary.

But this grown-up, elegant space would be a room that any woman would want to spend time in. Especially this woman. With whiskey in hand, of course. by way of design crush

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