Monday, January 17

1200 Posters

"Notice what you care about. Assume that many others share your dream."
Poster #3 by Victor Ngai, Hong Kong

On the 12th day of each month, a limited-edition poster (of 100) will be released on 1200 Posters, similar in concept to 20x200. I bought my first print today and I already have a recipient in mind. Instead of teacups and candles and soap, I am going to be gifting art this year. And you're all going to like what I give you dammit. by way of designworklife

UPDATE: I got my poster in the mail today (Jan 25). One word. Disappointed. My poor poster was sandwiched between two pieces of used cardboard. Kudos on recycling but just because you write DO NOT BEND on it doesn't mean it's not going to get bent, especially if you don't pack it correctly. My print was creased all the way across in three places, the corners are all bent and it's just crumpled. Waaaaaah. And now off to warn others!

THE LATEST: It took 3 days, but I received a very nice email from 1200 Posters to rectify the situation. New print is coming in the mail!!!

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