Monday, January 17

will dog-sit for dinner

Me + Boudreaux 
Osso Bucco with cheesy polenta and braised radicchio.
The meat was sooooo tender and a million wonderful flavors danced in my mouth.

We dog-sat for some friends recently so they could cheer on their beloved Arkansas Razorbacks at this year's Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. We happily took their sweet, little mutt, Boudreaux aka The Boud, Boudy, and as Matt affectionately calls him, son.

Years ago, and the only other time we got our hands on Boudreaux, it was summer, there was a road trip involved and we all ended up in St. Louis. Matt & Sloane came home to mysterious pictures of their dog posing with the St. Louis Arch in the background. Is the Boud in St. Louis? No, this must be Photoshop-ed. Noooo, he really IS in St. Louis. 

This time around, Boud's a bit older, he's more skittish and more nervous than we once knew. He had one, just one itty bitty, small pee accident in the house. No big deal. Our friends are mortified that it happened, but what's a little dog pee between friends, right? Boudreaux is still welcome to come over any time. We looooove him. Even as he gets more "eccentric" in his old age. 

To thank us for watching their sweetie, Matt & Sloane cooked us the most scrumptious dinner. It rivaled any restaurant meal I've had in Kansas City. NO LIE. I have some crazy talented friends in the kitchen who love to feed us. I'm a lucky, well-fed fattie. Friends are grateful when you watch their dogs. Unlike family, meaning my sister, who left us with her brand new puppy, Blitz. He pooped and peed in the house, drove me crazy with his hyper energy and constant sharp barking. Ugh. She thanked me with attitude and some seashells she found on the beach. WTF.

I digress. I just meant to say thank you to our friends for the wonderful meal and friendship. Both with you and your dog. It was fabulous!

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