Tuesday, January 11

punam bean

photo by Punam Bean
photo by Punam Bean
Love the drama and movement of this photo. There's a sweet picture of the groom
grinning ear to ear as he sees his bride for the first time. See it here.
photo by Punam Bean
This guy is a Ewan MacGregor look-alike. Swear.
photo by Puman Bean

My newest fave photographer. I love how editorial her photographs feel and the way she captures the joy and love between these lovely couples, especially their weddings. She gets that special moment of unabashed happiness and the secret something that only two people can share as they start their new lives together. I like to think that maybe it's because she loves to love and loves love, as she says on her site, that she can catch all the nuances. Punam Bean found by way of Snippet & Ink

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