Sunday, January 2

Mental Break

2010 was an extremely difficult year for me personally and even more so after November, thus my radio silence. I am very much looking forward to the new year and better days ahead. Some of my annual resolutions that somehow fall to the wayside around January 3rd (yep, that's REALLY about how long I last) are....

excercise more - hahahahahahhahaha, I can laugh that one into infinity, but I always give it the old college try
cook and eat at home more - last year was pretty successful, but I still see waaaay too many restaurant receipts in my wallet
blog more and watch Korean drama less
mini road trips! There's so much to see, but the hard part is making time.
purge, purge, purge - my full-to-bursting life and home (like all of us, right?) can be overwhelming, so it's time to become a minimalist!

But my NEW resolutions are...
quit drinking. Day 1, not successful. AT ALL. But here's to more willpower for the next 364 days. Cheers!
get Vintage Vessels up and running again. We had a good start but after two new babies, personal problems and the holidays, waaaaaah, we had a major BREAK.
back yard reno! I have the next six months to save up, design and plan.
eat more veggies and try to fart less. yes, so incongruent since my poor stomach thrives on meat.
sell my mom and dad's house up North....okay, that's an old one, but it looks like a possibility this year.

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to better and brighter. What are you changing/improving about yourself this year?

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