Saturday, January 15

estate sale finds of the day

Large blue mason jar for Vintage Vessels. $1.00
Taper holders heading to Vintage Vessels as mini vases. The color caught my eye right away.
I found these in separate rooms with different prices. $4.00 for the pair.
I already have this little dish, but could not resist picking up another.
Still love the illustrations and this one came with a cup.
Made in Denmark. $1.50 for both.
Jar of hooks and fasters. I se these glass jars at a lot of estate sales,
always full of odd little treasures. Not only do I love the containers they come in,
but I also love the curatorial quality they have when stored like this. $1.00.
These are going to repurposed into jewelry hooks. Nailed onto a piece of wood,
they will be perfect for hanging delicate necklaces.
Metal dustpans are a new collecting passion for me. They feel great in your hand, are always the most
interesting colors (I have a turquoise one too) and make cleaning just a little bit more tolerable. $1.50.


Anonymous said...

i love these posts of your estate sale finds. you find some good treasures. :)

Matthew said...

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