Wednesday, January 19


design by Leen Sadder
design by Leen Sadder
design by Leen Sadder

This is a great series by Leen Sadder for SVA's Author as Designer program. You have real emotions. Use them. That sentiment strikes a chord with me since I am connected to a computer, lap top, television and an unless* endless stream of electronics for all my waking hours. Recently, I deactivated my facebook account and stopped blogging for a month. Just by disconnecting from those two things, I read books, took naps and made things.

I am by no means against the digital age since it is a constant source of inspiration and entertainment for me. I just like this reminder that there is a REAL world out there, filled with real people AND emotions.

*Do you ever write something and read it back to yourself, thinking, something is not right. But you can't see the mistake? For years, I had Human Express instead of Hunan Express as my place of employment on my resumé. I'm going to attribute my years of unemployment to that alone. For this post, unless? Where in the world did that come from? It only took me a little over a week to catch this one.My mind has gone soft.

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