Thursday, January 6

baby fever

Let's get this straight. I don't have baby fever. Not in the slightest. But all my friends and even my sister have been popping out those little monsters like it's going out of fashion. Which means I've been designing a lot of baby shower invitations, attending said showers, and biding my time until my friends are older and their wombs have dried out. Yeah, I said it. I don't like baby showers. I like babies, bigger ones, but not baby showers. :)

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My sister's shower.
© Fresh Fish Creative
My friend calls her first child, the baby.
Naturally, her second child will be called baby friend.
© Fresh Fish Creative
From working on this invitation I learned that showers for the second
and I am guessing any subsequent children, are called "sprinkles."
You learn something new every day.
© Fresh Fish Creative
© Fresh Fish Creative

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