Monday, January 10

snow day

We got over five inches of snow today. I drive a Mini Cooper, live on a hill and my husband is out of commission with a blown out knee, which meant that there was no way I was getting off my street and going anywhere. I am more than capable of shoveling around my car, but the entire street?

This is after my neighbor shoveled around my car and I cleared it all off.
Did not make one iota of difference, especially when it just kept on snowing.
My poor car just kept sliding backwards.

The robins were happily flying around eating mulberries from the tree by my driveway. I really, really hate that mulberry tree in the summer time when juicy, purple fruit plops, plops drops on my freshly washed car or the birds carelessly defecate all over my precious Mini. But seeing those fat robins eat their fill on a snowy, winter morning? That tree isn't so bad after all. It's doing its job, providing sustenance and giving life.
All photos ©Fresh Fish Creative

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