Sunday, January 30

thrift of the day - shoes

Boat Shoes: They're actually a 6 1/2, so a teeny bit big, but I'll make them work.  $4
Salvation Army - $4. I've worn them so much, I recently split the heel, as you can see in
the photo,but I am more than happy to take them in for a little TLC at a shoe repair shop.
They're super comfy and go with everything.

Bargain of the day - $0.98. Yep, not even a dollar! But they need to be broken in a bit.
Easy Spirits - $4.98. Just found out they're "old lady" shoes. Flat shoes are not good for my plantar fasciitis,
but they feel sooooo great when I'm wearing them. But ow, not so good when I take them off.
Damn you fallen arches!
Now these are old lady shoes. Talbots - $2.98.
Lovin' the lady bugs and embroidered look of this shoe.

Except for the second pair, these are all shoes I picked up during an afternoon of thrifting in Kansas City, KS with friends last weekend. I got four fun pairs for $13.75. Total steal, right? I am into two things right now: brown shoes and old lady shoes. As if you couldn't tell from my choices!

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