Sunday, December 11

Open Sky

The sky was so beautiful the other day at sunset.
Then I saw two jets fly past each other.
I always think they're comets or falling stars.

Next Collection

Found the next thing I'll be keeping an eye out for in my mini collections: planters! This ceramic calf planter was $3 and is so freaking cute I can barely stand it. It's so much more fun antique hunting when you have something specific in mind. I saw a ton of that were not quite my style and some that had a box on the side, but I really like ones that are part of the animal. 

Just Another Creepy Doll Day

There is never a shortage of creepy dolls at antique shops.
Never ever. Doesn't matter which one you go to.

My Room

Just a little peek inside our bedroom. My love of all things vintage
applies to my clothes, shoes and jewelry too!

Thursday, December 8

Together is Good

These beautifully designed, metallic prints are a fundraiser for Nicole Daniels' (Endë Photography) father-in-law, who was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. If you'd like to help send Jerry to Texas for treatment, you can purchase two prints for $36 or three prints for $54. Purchase the prints here and read more about it here. via @designsponge on twitter

All images from Endë Photography + Art

Tuesday, December 6


I started journaling when I was I was a preteen, corny and dramatic as only young girls can be. For years, I wrote regularly, documenting all the boys I liked, new jobs, school and every fight I had with my friends, my boyfriend or my parents. I don't write for myself as often as I like or should anymore, but I do return to it whenever my personal life is in turmoil. My most recent journal started last year when I was in the midst of a low point in my marriage. We were preparing for a divorce and it was really kind of devastating. The journal did not last long. My husband and I worked hard to change and make our way back together. We did and now it feels like so much time has passed. These are some pages that looking back, makes me laugh even though I was in so much pain.

This is the first time I drew and doodled with my journaling. On the very first page I had written:  Today seems unbearably long. I had a moment of sadness but I drew myself into the sunshine again. Even through the gasping, ugly tears, I was ever the optimist.

Thursday, December 1

Happy December!

Designed and illustrated by Linh Trieu/Fresh Fish Creative

The older I get the quicker the days, months and years fly by, which I'm sure is true for us all. Our lives have become so busy that a quick glance at the calendar can seem like more dates are marked off then open. Especially during the holidays. For this December, I wish you all the serenity, calm and happiness that comes with loving your lives just as they happen to be at this moment. I also wish you many more moments being surrounded by friends and family who inexplicably drive you crazy and give you comfort at the same time. Happy Holidays, whichever one you may be celebrating.