Wednesday, August 26

Planter Love

I am starting a potted succulent garden. I would love, love, love to grow it in one of these gorgeous pots. They're hand-crafted, hand-finished and glazed in Portland, Oregon. It reminds me of this IKEA light. {via Oh Joy!}

Wednesday, August 19



My great-grandmother was a Chinese papercut artist. I have always been so impressed by the crazy attention to detail in this art form. Her pieces were cut from red paper like the ones shown here and the subject was very traditionally Chinese, lotus flowers, butterflies, goldfish, etc. Today's papercut artists have thrown the door wide open on both content and style. I especially love the stark intricacy of these pieces by Julene Harrison.

Tuesday, August 18


These shoes made me laugh. They don't fit, the model's feet are in the same awkward pose in every photo and boy, does she need a tan! Now I know why there are professional hand and feet models. Awkward feet aside, there is more to love at Modcloth, like this belt, and this bracelet, and these cheerful yellow heels.

Monday, August 17

Off the Wall

{design by Fresh Fish Creative}

This event was several weeks ago, BUT I just saw it posted on Grace's Birdcage, and thought I'd share! It's kind of awesome to see your work out there unexpectedly. Over 70 pieces of art and handmade crafts, live music by MOUTH, piping hot barbecue fresh of the grill by local BBQ team Mandals and Fire and a superb turnout made this year's event even better than the last.

Pole Versus Pole

I was reading a celebrity trash magazine today and one of the young stars was on stage with a stripper pole. Conversation ensued about how trashy it was. But all the while, I'm thinking, what makes a simple pole trashy? Firemen slide down poles (like the one below), it's so cool and fun. We play tetherball around a pole, pure innocence. But take a couple of dips and twirls around a pole as a woman and all of a sudden, you're some slut. Pole dancing is an athletic feat that requires a lot of strength, flexibility and skill. It's a sport that is petitioning to become an Olympic event. So before you think pole = stripper = trash, take a breath and remember, it's not that big of a deal.
{photo from Design*Sponge}

Goodbye Odors!

I found this great tip on Apartment Therapy: hang teabags in small spaces to mask funky odors. I'm not sure if they need to to be used or unused, but from this picture (taken from their site), I'm leaning towards used ones. I am not a fan of sweet cloying scents, so this will be perfect.

Friday, August 14

Missed Connections By Sophie Blackall

This blog is so funny. You HAVE to check it out to read some of the "missed connections" ads that these illustrations are based on. She also sells her prints on Etsy. {via Greedy Girl}

Thursday, August 13

Before & After

I saw this great before & after on Design*Sponge and it took my breath away. The "before" looks JUST like my bathroom now (but cleaner), down to the chair rail and window. And the "after"....ohmygoodness. This is what I want my bathroom to look like someday - clean, open, airy and modern. I am drooling over the clean lines of the bathtub and that amazing shower head. Everything is just perfect and I am seriously coveting. Design by Abueg Morris Architects.

Wednesday, August 12

Eating Alone

The deep aubergine color on this book cover is gorgeous. I would like to paint a room in my house this color. And the book would be a perfect gift for a foodie. My confession? I eat all kinds of crazy stuff when I am alone - kim chi, headcheese, pickled pigs feet, anything dipped in hot sauce. 

Tuesday, August 11


I started making stuffed dolls almost a year ago. It's been a while since my latest creation, but I wanted to share some of my favorites and inspire myself to get back to it! Not only did I  learn some rudimentary sewing skills when I started making my Besties, all my creative skills improved, especially my sketching and drawing.

From there, I learned to sew simple bags and recently, I even made a large textile art piece. It's true what they say, sometimes you have to get away from the computer and just MAKE stuff to get those creative juices flowing. If you want to see the rest of my work, click here. Yes, I did make a website just for my dolls. :)

Joy ~ I was especially proud of her little outfit.

Marc ~ This was a tiny Bestie, but I really got into it with
the back story and detail.

Harper ~ My first animal Bestie,
complete with bone and toy.

Eileen - My very first doll, inspired by a
doll I saw at Anthropologie.

Monday, August 10

Built by Wendy...On Sale!

I love to wear dresses. The ones from Built by Wendy have a nice classic style with little feminine details that are fabulous. Check out their site here. These pieces are from their spring line, but with tights and some creative layering, you can take them well into fall. Built by Wendy also has a smaller men's line and guitar straps.

Thursday, August 6


...on everything! Here are some cute ones on canvas bags from Little Glowing Lights. I think I'll can sew some on to my fabric catch-all bags. {via frolic!}

Holy Cow

Mark Andrew Weber has some mad patience and skills. This is a HUGE linocut typographic map of Paris. Prints coming soon. See more of his work in progress on his flickr photostream. {via Veer}

Wednesday, August 5


I love food and when I see gorgeous food photography, doubly delicious. After seeing these pickles pics on Food & Wine, I had to see more from photographer Tina Rupp
I am kind of on a yellow streak lately if you can't tell.

Creative Portrait

Adorable way to display your family photo...from Design Spunk.

It's a Wrap!

Loving the deep, vivid colors and nubby texture of these scarves from Uniform Studio, especially the yellow one. Just brightens up any outfit and my day today just by looking at it. {via frolic!}

Leica D-LUX 4

I want this camera....real bad. And that brown leather case? Beautiful.

Monday, August 3

Back to School

It's almost that time. This is a great way to spruce up old clipboards. While you're at it, go ahead and attach a strip of metal and magnets. And maybe some pretty ribbon for hanging.

I keep all my old calendar pages at work in a file folder so I love this idea. {withwallpaper}

Shopping Spree

Just a little Monday morning distraction. Today, quantity trumps quality, especially on my budget. That's why I love Ruche, quirky fun pieces that are reminiscent of Anthro but much easier on the wallet.

{1}  Cotton Voile Smocked Neck Dress by Tulle » $69.99
{3}  Leafy Yellow Harvest Tunic » $26.99, on sale
{5}  Olive French Terry Romper by Kensie Girl » $67.99
{7}    Storybook Cropped Cardigan » $39.99