Monday, August 17

Pole Versus Pole

I was reading a celebrity trash magazine today and one of the young stars was on stage with a stripper pole. Conversation ensued about how trashy it was. But all the while, I'm thinking, what makes a simple pole trashy? Firemen slide down poles (like the one below), it's so cool and fun. We play tetherball around a pole, pure innocence. But take a couple of dips and twirls around a pole as a woman and all of a sudden, you're some slut. Pole dancing is an athletic feat that requires a lot of strength, flexibility and skill. It's a sport that is petitioning to become an Olympic event. So before you think pole = stripper = trash, take a breath and remember, it's not that big of a deal.
{photo from Design*Sponge}

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Becky said...

Actually, I was always fasinated by the Pole Dancers at the Bada Bing Club in The Sopranos!! They were erotic, but also very graceful and athletic. Jack liked them, too!