Tuesday, August 11


I started making stuffed dolls almost a year ago. It's been a while since my latest creation, but I wanted to share some of my favorites and inspire myself to get back to it! Not only did I  learn some rudimentary sewing skills when I started making my Besties, all my creative skills improved, especially my sketching and drawing.

From there, I learned to sew simple bags and recently, I even made a large textile art piece. It's true what they say, sometimes you have to get away from the computer and just MAKE stuff to get those creative juices flowing. If you want to see the rest of my work, click here. Yes, I did make a website just for my dolls. :)

Joy ~ I was especially proud of her little outfit.

Marc ~ This was a tiny Bestie, but I really got into it with
the back story and detail.

Harper ~ My first animal Bestie,
complete with bone and toy.

Eileen - My very first doll, inspired by a
doll I saw at Anthropologie.


McLain said...

Very cool. I think you should do a set of "Beasties," you know, for those of us from "the street".

Sloane said...

I love my Bestie, Harper, eventhough he lost his lovely Irish collar. Thanks to Boudreaux who thought Harper was a gift for him from his Auntie Linh.