Thursday, January 6

Happy January!

Three years ago when I was interviewing for my current job, one thing I said during my interview was, "I can't draw." And I really couldn't....not that well. But through the blog world, I devoured endless posts about staying creative and was constantly inspired. I kept sketching characters to make my Besties, and just by putting pen to paper, I've developed an oddball cast of characters who have come alive. I gathered these doodles, scanned them in and cleaned them up. This year, instead of presents or cards, I made calendars for all my friends and clients. As a gift to my readers, I present to you, my free printable monthly calendar. Enjoy!

Click on the image for a larger print.
© Fresh Fish Creative


jessie said...

ok, first of all - can i please just tell you how much i LOVE those shower invites you designed??? adorbs!

second - a CALENDAR? for FREE? i'm so excited! i'm printing this one out for my desk right. now. and i can't wait to see the art on the rest of the months... so generous of you! :)

Fresh Fish Creative said...

Thank you Jessie! If you really love my calendar that much, I'll send you one and you can have all the months now. :)