Thursday, January 6

marrow bones

image found by way of Outpost
Marrow bones have been on a lot of Kansas City restaurant menus lately, roasted and sometimes served dinosaur-bone style on your plate. Beef marrow bone is also used to make the most delicious pho broth. We've had marrow most recently at Extra Virgin, 801 Chop House and The Rieger. With marrow, it's all good, but Kansas City chefs, take note of Chicago's Michelin-star-restaurant Longman & Eagle and their version of roasted marrow bone.

1. The presentation. Absolutely breathaking.

2. Served with a spoon and bread. Because you need a spoon to scoop out that decadent goodness from the center and bread to soak it all up.

3. It's a complete dish. Just because marrow is good on its own doesn't mean it doesn't deserve some thoughtfulness. Longman & Eagle's marrow is topped with red onion jam and served with sea salt and sour dough crostinis.

4. The price. $9. Fancy but not priced out of eating range.

Our friend just moved to Chicago and has already asked us to come up and visit. This just convinced me to get up there as soon as possible!

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