Thursday, April 30

Rainy Day Boots

The rain is really coming down today. And when it rains, I think, wellies! Then I think Hunters! I so love these, have been pining away for them for awhile and I think I just need to bite the bullet, save my pennies and get them this year. I posted this on my old blog, Going S.L.O.W., and am revisiting my obsession with Hunter boots once again. They are better priced this year though, so I may be wearing them very soon, can't wait!

{+} Hunter Balmoral Neoprene, top - £90 (roughly $135)
{+} Hunter Balmoral Classic, bottom - £70 ($105)

Note to Mike at Hunter Boot UK - If you find me, I would love to be a part of "Hunter on the Web." 


Anonymous said...

I love wellies, I need a pair, but I want girlie colors like pink, lavender or buttercup.

Fresh Fish Creative said...

They have those too. These boots are sleek and beautiful. You should read testimonials on the Hunter site, everyone is a loyal and long-time fan.

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to for the silver Hunters, so amazing.......And they are silver so they go with everything!! plus the shiny will make you happy on an ole' gray day.