Sunday, May 3

Bag Bonanza

{1} Raffia & Straw Flower Bag, no label - Good JuJu, $4.00
{2} Corduroy Bag with Leather and Brass Details, Once Upon a Rose® - Good JuJu, $3.50
{3} Basket Purse, no label - Good JuJu, $20.00
{4} Electric Blue Leather Clutch, Etra - Good JuJu, $6.00
{5} "Dana" Wallet, Hobo International Leather - $94.00

I've been going bag crazy this weekend, picking up three amazing pieces for a whopping $13.50 (#1, #2, #4) at Good JuJu. My favorite is the blue leather clutch. It goes perfectly with the "Dana" wallet I picked up last year and holds absolutely everything (which can sometimes be difficult with a clutch). In went my wallet, cell phone, camera, and chapstick with room to spare. Vintage Etra bags are going for about $20-$24 for this particular design. Here are some of my on-line finds....

{+} Ruby Lane » in tan, $24.
{+} Etsy, WilmaBella » in black, $24.
{+} Etsy, cioccogirl » in light pink, $20.
{+} Etsy, VerseauVintage » in white, $24.

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