Friday, May 15


For my wedding anniversary next month, I'm thinking about getting a professional portrait done with George. I have two options...

A traditional photograph shot in an untraditional way. Ever since I saw Max Wanger on Joanna Goddard's blog, I have been thinking about how dreamy his photos are.

photos by Max Wanger

OR a one-of-kind illustrated portrait by Ashley Goldberg. I especially love the ones with men in mustaches and their pets in the illustration. See more on Ashley's flickr sitevia freshly{blended}

Illustration by Ashley Goldberg

Here's a caricature we had done recently by local artist Deborah Moreno.

What do you guys think? Photograph or Illustration?


Matt said...

Photograph. Definately.

BethAnnCook said...

I think because I'm a photographer I'm supposed to say PHOTOGRAPH! But..... an illustration portrait is cool as hell! On the other hand, why not have both??

Anonymous said...

The uncommon photograph is my vote.