Monday, August 9

Weston Wellie Race

George and I have participated in the Weston Wellie Race every single year since it began. We round up a small group of friends into coming along and it has always been so much fun. This year, George met and brainstormed with Teri of The Celtic Ranch about how to make the event better. Teri is the event founder and its annual presenting sponsor.

Some changes include a later start time (yay!), adding a 5K fun run and an optional race package that will include a ticket to Weston Irish Fest and an authentic Irish breakfast.

I got to design the event logo and shirts! After being involved with several non-profits and/or non-profit fundraisers over the years, I've realized that no one ever has a budget. For artists who are looking for a way to give back and for students who want to beef up their portfolios, designing an event logo and marketing materials is a great way to get your work out there. For me, event design for non-profit organizations is usually a fun, no-restrictions project where I get to stretch creatively.

For more information, click here. You can also become a facebook fan and keep up with the news as they nail down details.

I preferred the softer colors, but as the main graphic, event organizers chose a bolder color combination.
Art mocked up on a tshirt. I hope they get some nice ones for the girls.

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