Monday, August 8

Hoot! Hoot!

I swear my friends are still getting pregnant and having babies left and right.
Even though I continue NOT being a fan of baby showers, I am, however, always
delighted to design their invitations. As usual, they don't stifle my creativity with
a lot of restrictions or rules, just the event details, the rest is left to my imagination.
For this invitation, I did know they are having a baby girl and
her room would be decorated in an owl theme.

Before I worked at Gear, I bought a lot of vector stock files because it was faster and
easier than illustrating everything myself. But I learned some tricks on the job, including
learning how to use the pen tool better. Now I can make those illustrations myself!
This owl was based on a vintage trivet I own but modernized with stripes and a fresh
color palette. The font is Napa which I love and got free from here.

Usually, I'm not very good at creating designs that work for more than
one person or project. But I can see this one working as a template with some
color changes for semi-customization. So what do you think?

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The Pineapple Pirate! said...

Very cool, L. I hate the pen tool myself. If you have any tricks or suggestions on how it works, please let me know.