Tuesday, August 9

Baby Connor

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My photog friend Beth got some new lights and a new nephew she can adore through her lens. I had to share some of the great photos she took recently - I really love the light, the textures and the sweet sleeping poses. That said, newborns are probably my least favorite stage of childhood. I just don't think that most newbies are that cute. So I say very obvious and stupid things like, "Oh, look! You have a baby!" My second least favorite age is when they have buck teeth bigger than their faces, like awkward beavers. To all my mommy friends, I'm sorry, but it's my truth. I will love them all dearly when they are at least 9-months-old and can look me in the eye and smile and gurgle. As for Connor, the mouth puckering one was pretty stinkin' adorable.

All photos used with permission, Elizabeth Cook Photography.

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