Monday, April 15

Camper Heaven

On a recent trip to Chewacla State Park in Auburn Alabama, we saw a campground full of insanely cute vintage campers. After a quick drive around, we hopped out to take pictures and talk to the campers. They were so very nice to let us take as many photos as we wanted and even invited us in to take a look around. These campers are obviously very loved and well cared for. It was a treat not only for all the adults, but our friends' kids too. They made themselves right at home as children so easily do.

The very first camper was a well-coordinated orange and white Aristocrat Lo-Liner. Everything from the clock on the tree to the awning and golf cart was decked out in bright orange accents. The gentleman who owned this sweet ride is a volunteer at the park.

Next up was the Teardrop, a tiny little thing that gets hauled around. The owner was away but left it wide open for random visitors just like us! The neighbors next door told us to look as much as wanted.

There was also a really great collection of tin campers like the Airstream. No one was home so we didn't peek into those, but really, I wish everyone had been there that day.

And finally, there was the 1971 Serro Scotty HiLander. The aqua and white reminded me of Little Freshie's snowcone trailer here in Kansas City. The owner of the orange Lo-Liner scooted on ahead of us to let her know we were coming around. There were 11 campers in that area and they seemed to know each other well. The Scotty was named Bubbles and it was definitely a lady trailer. Everything was decked out in girly pink, florals, crochet and flamingos. Even her water was tinted pink. The kids were just dying over Bubbles, especially since she had a chocolate cake right inside all ready for her dinner party later that night. She handed us all chocolates, chatted away and welcomed us warmly. Even though we were kind of intruding on her party prepping. :)

I have always had a thing for campers, ever since I played in my neighbor's RV as a kid. One day, I hope to find a little bit of heaven just like this for my retirement years. What a way to live! 

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