Wednesday, April 17

The Overall Co.

When you live in a city like Kansas City that has a wide range and selection of beautifully designed restaurants, you kind of take for granted that wherever you go, there will be equally nice restaurants abounding in other towns, even if they are small and quaint. Usually that's not the case and when you do run into such a gem, it's always a treat. I loved the look of The Overall Company from our first drive past it: the painted signage outside, the metal doors, the lighting, the fonts they use for the logo, in the windows and on their sandwich board. It was all so nicely done and carefully thought through. 

As soon as I walked inside, I knew my feeling about it was right. It's your perfect little cross between coffeeshop, bistro, market and art gallery. The regulars were all there with coffees in hand and laptops open, working away. You order at the counter but not before walking past a neat selection of wine, craft beers and handmade goods like Hammerpress greeting cards(!), Savannah Bee Company Honey, handmade soaps, and made in the USA Overall Co. v-neck tees that were so soft. 

We didn't get a chance to try anything food-wise because of a cranky child who shall not be named, but the menu looked fantastic. I wanted to try their pimiento sandwich for a taste of the South; the macaroons underneath their glass dome, artisan ice pops and other sweets looked so tempting too. Instead, we all grabbed coffees and sodas and went for a quick seat in their outdoor rooftop patio.

This "coffee shop" is a spacious two floors with office share for other businesses. I would be so happy to have The Overall Co. as my office mate. There was an eclectic mix of antique and handcrafted furniture, all very sturdy and comfy. And the bar made of pallets had my mind spinning with possibilities. Actually, I took a lot of mental notes for styling and interiors that I plan on happily stealing for my next fundraising event.

If you're ever driving through Opelika (oh-puh-LIKE-ah), Alabama, take a moment to stop in. And if you can't, they also have a drive through (the best looking drive through I have ever seen)!

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