Tuesday, September 7


The annual art show at work has come 'round again and this year's theme is CRAFT. I love how open that idea is because oftentimes I hear people say they're not really artists. Or that they aren't creative. But that's what I love about art. It can be anything and the important thing is to make something!

For our marketing materials, we are designing by committee. Using the same font and size for consistency, each person is responsible for a 3-dimensional letter making up the word craft. I kept thinking about dioramas during our meetings, and volunteered to make "The Art Show".....as a diorama, of course.

Thanks to my handy friend Tim and all the fun stuff he and Lynn had at their house, I didn't have to spend a penny. Materials included a wine box, wine corks, old clothespins and bottle caps, matchbooks, a potpourri bouquet, random tschotskes and loads of Gorilla Glue. I wanted a very organic, natural feel to the the piece so I didn't paint anything or hide rough craftsmanship like glue spots or nails.

Tim, Lynn and I spent ALL day working on this project. It was a great collaboration and I could not have done it alone. Thank you guys, you are the bestest!

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