Wednesday, September 16

R Bar

R Bar, located in the West Bottoms, just opened yesterday. I love the type treatment on the logo, the repetition of the letter R all over the restaurant and the scattered horseshoes along the length of the brick wall, all nods to their neighbor, the American Royal. Read The Kansas City Star review here.
This is not the patio, it's the smoking lounge.
The retro and vintage details are a nice touch.
Savory funnel cake and grilled octopus on fingerling potatoes.
R Bar » 1617 Gennessee, Kansas City, MO 64102 » 816.471.1777


Sloane said...

Looks cool. But the food feedback I've been hearing is not so positive. Need to give it the once over though!!

Fresh Fish Creative said...

I was impressed by the presentation but not the flavor of the food. My grilled octopus starter was kind of mushy and very salty. And a savory funnel cake just doesn't hit the spot. But the place definitely looks great. It's another new restaurant that is focusing more on style than substance.

Vanessa Van Goethem-Piela said...

Your blog always makes me want to eat, shop, and occaisionally I'm even inspired to think about starting garden!

Jeanne said...

We gave yet to make it to the R Bar. We missed all the soft openings. Perhaps this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to be fair and not discount the food so quickly. This blog was posted within the first week of opening. I've been to the R Bar on several occasions within the last month and the food has been incredible. The focus is definitely well rounded. Food, ambiance, night life, and cocktails. They've nailed it and if you read the most recent, published reviews from the people that critique food for a living, the comments are quite positive.

Fresh Fish Creative said...

Thank you Anonymous. We are huge supporters of independent restaurants/bars, especially ones who have the balls to open in not-as-established parts of Kansas City, like the Bottoms. We will definitely give it many more chances and plan on returning soon!