Tuesday, September 15

My Garden

I can't believe it's the middle of September and my garden is still so bright and green. A few years ago, we pulled out all the grass in the front yard. The grubs had taken over and frankly, it's tough to mow on a slope, even a little one like ours. It's the best thing we ever did. All the plants and flowers are a haven for bugs and we are constantly amazed by how huge and varied they are. Giant bumblebees, grasshoppers, praying mantis and at least 10 different kinds of spiders have graced our yard this year. Last year it was wasps and butterflies!
Our little yellow house. I have a ton of potted plants on the porch which unfortunately have to be housed in my office over the winter. It gets kind of cramped in there! The stone steps leading up to house were all dug up from our backyard. My talented and hard-working husband dug them out and put them in place. We have one especially large rock we call our "rock of love." Lots of yelling at each other while it was happening, but once it was in, it was a testament to how much we could put up with....in each other.
Mint, parsely, a succulent and habaneros are just some of the plants we have in our garden. The very bottom picture is actually a door mat! Moss and a variety of weeds made themselves a home on that mat and it's so funny that we just left it there.
The grasshopper and the spider. They are actually so huge they frighten us. But it reminds me all the time how awesome nature is.


Hooknose McGee said...

You have an intriguing blog site. The octupus looks inviting, even though I usually do not like sea food. The spider and grasshopper, you did the right thing to capture them on film. Best to stay on their good side. When I saw your red desk with the curtain, it reminded me of my kitchen. I just put a curtain at the window, and I am building the kitchen table. It has yellow legs and support beams, and the top must be painted. But your picture makes a good case for making the top red instead of blue or brown, but I may go with blue. StarvingSub

Jeanne said...

Your garden is great. My garden is great. I love having friends that like to garden as much as I do.