Friday, September 11


I've often heard from my wine-loving friends how incredible Riedels are. They make wine taste so much better and according to Time magazine, have done more for the wine industry without growing a single grape. I went to a Riedel wine tasting and dinner last night and got to experience it for myself. And all the hullaballoo is true. Even though they're expensive and insanely fragile, they are a must-have if you've paid top dollar for a bottle.

Riedel has over 130 types of glassware,
one for every single varietal you can think of.
And soon to come, a Norton glass specific for the
Norton grape, the official grape of Missouri!

Eve, a $500 decanter that aerates wine 7-times faster than
traditional decanters. It comes with a video showing you how to use it.
There are two chambers and a special technique to get the wine out.
The second chamber swirls around and pours exactly one glass of wine!

Corn chowder with a seared scallop, lobster and chives.

Sea bass with butternut squash. Don't tilt your
plate to photograph food. It slides right off!
Ended up in my lap, but I scooped it back on
and enjoyed every single bite.

Beef Wellington - never had it before but loved it.
That puff pastry was perfect.

Dessert was something chocolatey with whipped cream,
raspberries and shortbread.

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