Monday, September 21

My Office

My office often becomes the dumping ground for everything after I've organized a fundraiser. For the last few weeks, I've only had enough room to slide into my desk and not much else. And finally, when I couldn't take it for one more day, I reorganized, rearranged and cleaned my office. Now I just have to find somewhere to hang my coats!

I sewed a little curtain for my table to hide the mess underneath. It used to be up pushed up against the window. This way, I can work work from both sides. Fabric from IKEA.
I had started a DIY dresser makeover project, but never completed the job. But all is not lost, I flipped the drawers on their sides and stacked them into makeshift shelving (inspired by a project I saw on Poppy Talk). Tokyo Police Club print from Hammerpress.
This lasercut owl tray desperately needed a home. Now it hangs prettily on my paper shelf.
Almost everything in this image was given a facelift. The desk was a yellow brown wood color in its past life. With a fresh coat of antique white paint and new pulls, it has been a permanent part of my office. The side table was a George invention, made from an old sewing table stand and a big butcher block. And now an actual sewing machine sits on it. The chair was refinished by my friend Stuart and is brightened up with a reversible chair pad from IKEA.

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Jeanne said...

It looks beautiful. Good job. The laser cut owl is great! Where did you find it?