Tuesday, October 20

Asian Invasion Supper Club

George and I hosted this month's Supper Club and we did an Asian theme. Each couple picked a different country to cook from and we had two special guests. The food and wine was amazing as always, but Supper Club has come to mean more to me than just trying new recipes. It's about the friendships that have grown with each meal we share together.

Lynn suggested cooking for a needy family when their month comes up again (December). And in that spirit, all our future Supper Clubs will include more giving. Each couple has agreed to donate x-amount of money to a non-profit or needy family with the host couple choosing where the money goes.

And without further ado, here are pictures from our latest supper.
My mom's Buddha.
Matt & Sloane - 10 years!
Don't you love how bright and colorful all the dresses are?
And yes, the men cook too.
My sister Trinh (red Chinese dress, far right)
and my friend Rebecca (Laotian dress, center)
were our special guests!
Playing with the oddball collection of dolls
that have wandered into our home.
October Supper Club Menu
Chicken & Shrimp Pho - Vietnam
Chicken Lettuce Wraps - Thailand
Korma Mixed Vegetable - India
Saag Paneer - India
Sticky Rice & Papaya Salad - Laos
Barbecue Short Ribs - Korea
Sake - Japan

Thanks Matt, Sloane, Tim, Lynn, Craig, Jeanne, Trinh & Rebecca!
It was fabulous as always.


Sloane said...

One of the best supper Clubs yet!! Thank you Linh & George for making our 10th so special.

Anonymous said...

I can tell it was a fabulous evening that had some very enthusiastic participation by all who attended. The pictures are wonderful. Love your charity emphasis for future Supper Club events. You guys are the best!