Monday, March 28

winter. it just won't quit us.

Some shots I took while walking the dogs yesterday. The snow came down in wet slushy flakes that soaked all of us. But it was beautiful and really not too terribly cold. I think the spring flowers will survive this, they've gone through worse in past years. All photos by Linh Trieu, ©Fresh Fish Creative.
Snow on my phlox and ground cover.

Snow coming down fast and furious on the spirea.

Snow on the red blossoms in my neighbor's yard.

Winter and Spring still duking it out.

Snow on a poor dead bunny.
Snow on daffodils.

Snow on a pine tree. Which looks normal, but it's supposed to be spring right?
Basically, snow everywhere.


Sloane said...

Did you kill the Easter Bunny?? I will be so sad if I don't get my basket this year. Poor little Baby rabbit!!!

Anonymous said...

i love ALL of these! ok...i could maybe do without the dead bunny, but still, these are awesome! i'm so ready for spring, it's not even funny. seriously.

Blair + Rachel said...

I love how you capture the snow coming down! I think your blog could bring in income by itself.

Jeanetta said...

Such great pictures!