Wednesday, March 2

my own 9-5

One of the most important things about working for yourself is making sure there is structure and routine. Who am I telling this to? Myself. Because I need to be reminded that my days can't be wasted watching dramas or cleaning the house or having 3-martini lunches. Once in a while, no big deal, but day-to-day? I need to buckle down and work! Freelancers and self-employed people out there, how do you stay focused and keep to your routine? And do you beat yourself senseless if you go astray?


Blair + Rachel said...

I wouldn't know since this answer doesn't apply to me. But one suggestion would be to work out in the mornings! I know....working out.....BUT I've heard it helps!

Anonymous said...

i have to agree with Blair + Rachel, if i get up, eat breakfast and then go on a long walk, i come back feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to tackle the day. it really does help! :)