Friday, March 11

thanks for the memories

All complaining aside, I really worked for a wonderfully fun company with an amazing group of people. This was a great place to go on many days, no doubt about it. I had a lot of envious friends ask me all the time, do you guys ever do work there? Yes, we do, but we always squeezed in some time for shenanigans.

We go on department barbecues at the park and invite former co-workers. Hi Rachel!
We volunteer together and have fun doing it. At Harvesters, packing grapefruit.
We celebrate Halloween and dress up in group costumes. 2009 - Super Mario Characters.
2010 - Rainbow Brite. I will miss 2011 though, we were supposed to be robots!!!
We play kickball. 2009 - Team Alcoballics.
We ruin each other's team pictures. 2010 - Team Mad Macs.
We really, really, really celebrate birthdays. Hi Jill!
We wear free Gear gear thinking it's going to rain at the company softball game and picnic. Ahem, Chris.
We wear Christmas sweaters to the annual holiday party.
We steal white elephant gifts. Sorry Jason, Amita wants your toaster.
Sorry Amita, I want that toaster too. Works great!
We have color days, even the guys.
Inspired by this.

Thank you Gear for the memories. I'll miss you guys and I'll try to come back and visit soon. 


Carrie said...

...can't type...tears...flooding keyboard...i will miss you buddy...

Beth said...

I guess it's up to me and Jill to carry on the shenannigans! Don't forget to keep your badge so you can come back to visit! You can still be a robot!