Wednesday, March 23

metal cars

Photos by Linh Trieu / ©Fresh Fish Creative

Since George has expanded his toy car collection, I've really come to appreciate vintage metal cars, with their chipped paint jobs, missing wheels and worn edges. I buy them for him every once in a while, although I have no idea what he likes or what is "valuable." Per my usual modus operandi, I buy what I like. As for the green car, picked up at a garage sale for $1, it was the little man and dog inside that appealed to me. Turns out it was a Matchbox car Made in England by Lesney. Yes, that is all gobbledy-gook to me too, but according to Mr. Car Collector, it's supposed to be a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

oh these are so cool! i think you should frame these photo just like this, it looks great. :)