Tuesday, March 22

the employee lounge

photo by Tina Magee-Jenks, backyardINK
by way of The Employee Lounge

Tina and I had a great first day working the streets and shooting yesterday. We are not. I repeat. Not. Gangsters. Just out working our tails off for our new blog, The Employee Lounge, which I mentioned a little bit last week.

I chatted up our subjects about how they would make Kansas City better while Tina captured their souls, shot by shot. Even though I kind of knew the people we saw yesterday, because they've taken my lunch order, made me a drink or held the door open for me, I learned even more as we talked about their passion for the service industry and their goals for Kansas City.

We had some shy folks out there, but for the most part, everyone was very supportive and friendly. We could not do our blog without their participation, so we really, really appreciate it! I'd like to ask one teeny favor from you guys: if you're on facebook, please look up The Employee Lounge and "like" our page. Yeah, yeah, I haven't figured out to add the plug-in yet. Error code and all.

And on another note, I had so much fun yesterday, I said to myself: I am so happy I quit my job!!!

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Anonymous said...

yay for employee lounge!! i'm glad you quit your job too. ;) i had a blast yesterday, thanks for driving me around.