Wednesday, March 2

cake toppers & information

cake topper made by Rachel, The Stay Lucky
photo by Emma at The Marion House Book

Once upon a time, before computers, the internet and blogs opened up our entire world to sharing ideas at any given moment, we were limited to what was available at hand. Maybe a book or magazine inspired us, or hearing things by chance, through a neighbor, from a friend, but being able to share all that information just happened more slowly. And that's okay. Because some days I want the world to move more slowly. But some days, I am smacked in the head with wow, that's so cool. And that's cool. And so is that. And that. And that.

And I'm just talking cake toppers here people.

Once upon a time, I didn't even think about cake toppers. Then, I thought they had to be purchased from the store, plastic people, animals, balloons, and of course, candles. Or fancier, with real fruit or flowers. I saw custom toppers, hand-painted on clothespins and made into little people. Then, I saw an entire cake topped with paper flags on toothpicks. A fabric banner suspended between two wooden sticks. And now, one of the sweetest cake toppers yet. An elephant in a banner-wrapped tea cup. What is this world coming to? Millions and millions of creative people sharing their ideas every day. I love it.

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Jeanne said...

come over and see my little birthday candle holders that are made of silver and molded into animals. While you are visiting you can help me polish them.